Tuesday, April 20, 2010

P.S. I love You...

P.S. I Love You.. I picked this book some 2 years because I found the name catchy. I was a great book and I absolutely loved it. I also recommended it to all my book-friends and the book circulated for around 2 years. Last month when I left my previous organisation, I get all my stuff back and there it was. Since I was on bench for sometime in the new organisation, I went out and got two more books of the same author i.e. Cecelia Ahern. Where the Rainbows’ End and Thanks for the memories. She’s got a good style and most importantly they are very romantic!!

Three days and I was done with both the new novels again, being left without a choice I picked up P.S. I love u again. While I read it for the second, I realized it was like watching your favourite movie once again. I felt horribly sorry for Holly all over again. The quick sneak into Holly’s past makes you want to be a part of their life. I started missing Gerry like anything. There were moments when the tears wouldn’t stop rolling down. And most of the times I envy the author and her talent. I am quite an emotional person and even TV soap can make me cry but this story, it is amazing. The emotions coming out of the distressed widow seem so real that your heart goes out to her.

This is the best of Cecelia Ahern and if you still haven’t read it, go ahead and grab a copy today. For now I am left with nothing more to read and I’m terribly bored. I need to hit the bookstore in the evening. Now that you know my choice of book, you can recommend something to me... 

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