Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Review : Down this Road

Down This RoadDown This Road by Kelli Dawn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'll be reviewing 'Down this Road' by Kelli Dawn. I was fortunate enough to grab this kindle ebook for free from Amazon.

This is Charlie's journey, who is an Attorney but still a Cowgirl at heart. She escaped her ranch when she was 18 to make a career in the city only to return back heartbroken at 29 and in trouble. Life at ranch & being around her still irresistible ex isn't easy but with her family's support, she finally accepts her situation. But the slow ranch life isn't for her and two years after she moved to the ranch, she decides to move back to the city but not alone this time. Her life threatens to change again but she has already been through a lot and is a lot wiser now. This Charlie's journey of self-discovery.

This isn't a regular chick-lit. The characters are built & familiarized so well, even I could guess most of the character's reactions. Charlie is a bit difficult to like with her surly nature & stubbornness but I could also relate why she'd behave that way. She's very human, makes mistakes and doesn't realize her mistakes far too many times.

For a first time author Kelli has done a wonderful job though a bit of editing would've worked wonders for the book. Once I started, I did not put down the book at all, intact I even might have called in sick ;-) However, I still thought the book was a tad too lengthy but otherwise, I'd definitely recommend it!

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