Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Review : Shadow of Death by Miranda Stauffer

Shadow of DeathShadow of Death by Miranda Stauffer
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As far as I remember, I haven't read a WWII related book in a long time so when the author Miranda asked me to review her book, I was more than happy.

The war always reminds me of the movie 'Schindler's List' & instantly makes me sad. It isn't an easy subject & I always feel that historical stories are far more difficult to handle than regular fiction. I believe Miranda has a done a beautiful job.

Shadow of Death is a WWII saga of betrayal, doubts & love. Derek Lorenz is a young lieutenant, a strong leader but not cruel. All the massacre & destruction starts taking a toll on his sanity. Analaise is partly Jewish, has lost her parents to the war & turned into a resistance fighter. When she lands in Neustadt, she finds an unexpected friendship in Katya & a strong attraction towards Derek. The attraction is mutual but they both know the consequences hence can't act on it. Love can be found in very unusual circumstances & can make you do things you wouldn't generally think of doing but then loyalty & authority is also very strong. This is story of finding love, loyalty & heart in difficult circumstances.

The characters are built well & the story-line is gripping. Some of the scenes are mind-numbing and truly depict the grim situation. The only weak point would be the book's length, I feel it could do with a bit of more editing.

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  1. Nice and crisp review, Deeksha.

    Would you recommend it as a read to someone?


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