Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fitness shitness, Hai Rabba!!!

Lately I have been seeing a lot of commercials for Fitness videos on TV. The one with Shilpa Shetty looked really good. Recently Bipasha Basu released a fitness video called "Love Yourself" which looked pretty good as well. And there was one more called Zumba fitness video. Zumba is combination various Latin dance forms which helps you workout in a fun way.

Since I hate gym and driving all the way to a dance class is too much of an effort for me, I decided to try these videos at home. In the past three months, I have gained a lot of weight. I had no work and Mangoes made it even more difficult. I have been gorging on Aamras. So I got both the videos Zumba and Love Yourself and started the self torture sessions 2 days back.

I decided to start with Zumba. It consists of 2 parts. First part is a set of what they call "Rhythm Refreshers". It basically includes some 24 short videos which help you master the very basic Latin dance steps. Whereas the part 2  is 50 minute workout video which is a combination of all the latin dance forms. I started with the Rhythm refreshers and I could literally hear the fat in my body cry in pain. Three months of inactivity and then suddenly all the salsa and samba was too much for my body to bear. I have been feeling sore for the last 2 days. Just typing on my laptop felt like a tremendous effort.

So today morning I thought "Lets give a break to my Zumba and start "loving my body". Bips looks awesome in those videos. She's got a beautifully toned body, not an ounce of fat.  God, I felt so ashamed with oodles of flab over my body. It is a 25 minute video consisting of warm-up exercises, specially designed  routine for complete body workout and 5 mins of cool down. It looks like a well thought concept and I have a very good reason to believe that it works out every single muscle. Because by the time I was done, every single body part, muscle, hair, face and even maybe the atoms and molecules of my body were in a deep deep pain. 

Since I couldn't move, I decided to take a dip in hot water. It felt like heaven and believe me I could literally hear  my body sing with gratitude!!! Even while I type this, I keep fantasizing about relaxing in some exotic Spa. But this episode hasn't dampened my spirit, rather it has made me realize how irresponsible I have been. I have decided to take this as a challenge and have atleast 30 mins of physical activity everyday. Lets see how long I manage to do this. Till then, lets Zumba!!!


  1. I bet dear, u can't continue it for long :P :P

  2. Congrats!!! I've already given up!!!

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