Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The brush with Death!!!!

Last weekend I had a near death experience. I had been to my hometown Solapur to be with my parents for their 28th wedding anniversary (Congrats both of you, you guys absolutely deserve a Bravery Award). The anniversary was on Saturday. We celebrated it by lazing around in the house, just the three of us and nice li’l dinner, it really felt good. After a hectic day(lying in front of TV can be real tiring), I snuggled into my childhood bed. The summer in my hometown can really be harsh and it was one of those days. It was around 3 in the night, I must be somewhere in the dreamland when all of a sudden I felt a tremendous pressure in my chest.

My first thought was that I was having a heart attack on my parent’s wedding anniversary, how sad!!! They’ll never be able to celebrate their Anniversary again. The thought wasn’t just a thought, it was quite pictorial. I could see the next day’s newspaper column saying “A young Software Engineer died in a heart attack” and how everyone is commenting about the job stress these days, how I was great daughter, friend, Ravi crying his eyes out and thinking “When would be the right time to find a new gal”. My roomies cursing me for dying on them and secretly thinking about putting an Advertisement for a new roommate. Have I replaced my Insurance policy paper, hope my dad finds it wherever I’ve kept it. Thinking about the things I could never do, getting drunk, being an Hippie, shop like a maniac, visiting Ireland, settle down in Bahamas. Do you get me now when I say it was quite pictorial?

By this time I was sweating badly (actually I was sweating badly even before I had the damn attack, courtesy: my room’s fan), I could feel the pain, the pressure was building, I did not have the courage to scream. So I decided I’ll open my open for a minute have a last look at my room and die peacefully. I opened my eyes and I saw a soft light. I was like “Ok, so the thing they say about light at the end of the Tunnel is true” but the only confusion was “Why two lights?”

I tried focusing again and it dawned upon me. I wasn’t having an attack but a huge Cat (it was a kitten actually but at that moment I felt like it) was sitting on me. And I let out a huge shriek; it jumped and was out of the window within a second. But it felt good, I wasn’t dying actually. Anyways, it would have been silly. I have no job stress at all; in fact I haven’t worked in almost three months. My friends, for one, would have definitely wondered about my cause of death. All said and done, I am still alive and kicking.

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